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Tax Information

What is TINFC?

Tax Information Network (TIN), has been established by National Securities Depository Limited on behalf of Income Tax Department of India (ITD).

Electronic Return Acceptance & Consolidation system(ERACS)

Which consists of an infrastructure for interface with the taxpayers (a nationwide network of TIN-Facilitation Centre’s i.e. TIN-FC) and a web-based utility for upload of electronic returns of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) & Tax Collection at Source (TCS) and Annual Information Return (AIR) to the central system of TIN.

Online Tax Accounting System(OLTAS)

For daily upload to the central system, the details of tax deposited in various tax collecting branches across the country.

Central PAN Ledger Generation System(CPLGS)

Which is the central system that consolidates for each PAN: i. Details of tax deducted/collected on its behalf (TDS/TCS) which is obtained by matching the TDS/TCS returns submitted by the deductors/collectors with the tax deposit (challan) information from the banks. ii. Details of the tax deposited (advance tax/self assessment tax) directly by the taxpayer with the bank.


  • New PAN Application(49A)
  • Changes/Duplicate PAN
  • TAN Application(49B)
  • Correction in TAN
  • AIR(61A)
  • Others

  • E-TDS return(Annual)
  • E-TDS return(Quarterly
  • E-TCS return
  • E-TBAS return
  • Registration of 26AS